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Delhi: Plea opposing bed quota at private hospitals withdrawnNew Delhi: With the Aam Aadmi Party government steadily reducing the 80% quota of ICU beds for Covid patients in private hospitals, an association of hospitals withdrew its challenge to the decision on Tuesday.

The Association of Healthcare Providers told the high court that various private hospitals, which were earlier asked to reserve 80% ICU beds, were now satisfied with Delhi government’s recent decision to reduce the number to 25%.

Justice Navin Chawla was informed by the counsel for the association that he had the instructions to withdraw the petition seeking quashing of the government’s September 12, 2020 order to reserve 80% ICU beds for Covid patients at 33 private hospitals, which are its members.

The court then allowed the prayer for withdrawing the petition and disposed of the plea. Last month, the government said the reservation of ICU beds was reduced from 40% to 25%.

The reservation percentage had been gradually reduced by the government after reviewing the pandemic situation. With the Covid number reaching its peak of over 8,000 in a day in November, it has been declining, and was at 121 on Monday.

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